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Over het bedrijf van de klant

Maya Hotel in Bamako (Mali) is the only hotel in Mali that offers a very unique combination of services. A very nice place to sleep, good local food and live performances whereby the owner of the hotel happens to be Habib Koité himself. Habib Koité (one of Mali's greatest and famous musicians), his band and many more very well known musicians from all over the world, are performing at Maya Hotel (check our calendar). Maya Hotel also facilitate in wedding parties & celebrations. Are you looking for something unique during your stay in Bamako? Don't miss this great opportunity and check us out!
  • Klant
    Habib Koite | Maya Hotel
  • Diensten
    Webdesign, visitekaartjes
  • Techniek
    Joomla! CMS
  • Website
Over dit project
Voor Maya Hotel (Bamako, Mali) hebben wij een Joomla website gemaakt. De website is ingericht met foto's die door muzikant Habib Koite gemaakt zijn. Naast de website hebben wij ook zijn visitekaartjes gemaakt.
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